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The Society was formed by a number of senior gynecologic surgeons (including Prime Minister Minnis) and gynecologic oncologists in the university of West Indies campuses of Jamaica, Trinidad. Barbados and Bahamas who wished to improve the care of women with, or at risk to developing gynecologic cancer . These individuals were initially trained in their local hospitals and cancer centres and later in formal programs in Gynecologic Oncology in the UK or Canada.

Professor Denny De Petrillo in Toronto who had trained Raleigh Butler from the Bahamas and Tim Gopeesingh from Trinidad and had worked in both countries was asked by Raleigh to assist in this process. A position paper was written by  Professors De Petrillo and Michael Fung Kee Fung , a UWI graduate and the head of surgical Oncology in Ottawa and presented to the four UWI Deans , headed by Professor Horace Fletcher at Mona Jamaica in  2014. The document was accepted and the first meeting of the CGCS was held in February 2015 in Barbados with  Dr Vikash Chatrani hosting excellent scientific and social sessions.

The first slate of officers consisted of Professor Fletcher as Honorary President, Dr. Carole Rattray of Jamaica as President elect , Dr Raleigh Butler of Bahamas as Treasurer , Dr Wayne Welch of Barbados as Vice President and Dr Gordon Narayansingh as Secretary.

The second meeting of the society was held in January 2017 in Miami with Carole Rattray assuming the Presidency,  Raleigh Butler President elect ,Vikash Chatrani  Secretary-Treasurer and Gordon Narayansingh Vice President . During the year Carole has also been made fellowship director in a new integrated gynecologic oncology training  program involving UWI, the fellowship programs at Belfast and Dublin Ireland , and the International Gynecologic Oncology Society.

The third meeting in Nassau The Bahamas in April 2018 will be very important as it frameworks the course for the society and its important role in clinical excellence and education.


Raleigh Butler, MBBS,  MD, FRCOG, FACOG, FRCS (C)